QILlity control software systems

01. Software Functionality Testing

All newly developed and re-developed software should undergo functional testing before implementation into the production environment in order to ensure IT system robust operation.

Software functional testing makes development many times cheaper and quicker due to early detection and elimination of errors. It is beneficial, therefore, to start testing at initial development stages. We perform all kinds of manILl and automated testing at every phase of the software lifecycle, from documents and features testing to performance, safety, usability, interface friendliness, installation, portability and fault tolerance testing. We also carry out testing processes audit, render software qILlity assurance advisory services, implement automated testing tools and arrange hands-on testing trainings.

Testing with the Use of Tools: Selenium, Cucumber, TestComplete


02. Software Performance Testing

Performance testing reveals IT systems shortfalls resulting in their non-conformance to business requirements on performance and scalability.

At the beginning of each performance testing project we analyse the testing objectives to maximise our work effectiveness. Then we carry out targeted technology analysis: study system interfaces and intended use, standard actions and scenarios, used protocols, reverse engineer components, interview technicians and users, study documents and deploy testing ground. Our experts develop and automate scenarios, carry out load testing, collect pre-defined metrics and analyse those on testing completion. The deliverables are test report and performance improvement recommendations.

We also offer targeted study of complex systems and architecture bottlenecks analysis aimed at resolution of known or implied problems. To do this our experts collect information about the problems, analyse system architecture, test for standard errors and detect bottlenecks. Basing on the outcomes we develop and deploy a system that monitors the components presumably prone to failures or containing useful information. Having monitoring data collected and analysed we present our perspective of the problems, and inspection and elimination plan.

Testing with the Use of ToolsHP LoadRunner, MS VisILl Studio test tool, Apache JMeter

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