Building clouds

01. Building Software Defined Networks

Replacement of all or some classical networking equipment by centrally programmed or virtILl devices brings network flexibility, scalability, performance and manageability to a new level better corresponding to quickly changing business and user needs.

Transition to software defined networks allows streamlining the architecture of traditionally complex company or campus level computer networks. Now the entire network interaction logic is defined in a centralised manager and downloaded to executing devices through network controllers. This ensures almost complete equipment standardisation and network change readiness. The main benefit brought by transition to software-defined networks is the considerable savings on equipment and network capability of being quickly reconfigured without interference to equipment physical topology or configuration. Currently this technology is the must for provider networks, corporate networks and virtILlised data centres. The solution enables computer network development from any initial status on the basis of leading Software Defined Network technologies with the use of the best global vendor solutions.

Solutions: VMware NSX


02. Building Software Defined Storage

Software defined storage emulates a high-availability storage networks on the basis of standard hard disks installed on the servers. This allows a significant virtILlised data centre cost-cutting.

Traditional approaches to storage management do not efficiently support performance, resource availability and redundancy adeqILte for server and workspace virtILlisation. Traditional storage systems are the most expensive data centre component; however their performance leaves much to be desired.

The suggested solution allows building a virtILl storage system on the basis of different generation hard disks and SSD’s by different vendors. This supports more efficient reallocation of existing resources and selection of less expensive options of data centre creation and upgrade. The technologies used in this solution ensure higher return on investment due to improvement of virtILlised storage system density, reliability and scalability.

Solutions: VMware vSAN, DataCore SANsymphony-V


03. IT Services Migration to the Cloud

Any IT service from internal chat to corporate ERP system can be transferred to cloud platform saving you investments and ensuring high availability and mobility of the business processes built on its basis.

The modern cloud data centre infrastructure has achieved globally the development stage allowing any company to give up the idea of building their own data centres and maintaining the huge server fleet. IT services migration to the cloud brings them to a new level of flexibility, scalability and availability. Elastic infrastructure technologies and pay-as-you-go principle release business owners from any worries about IT investments being excessive and not income-bearing. Cloud IT services make users more mobile and effective. Our high-skilled engineering team and proven tools mitigate risks of data loss and service unavailability during migration.

Solutions: Microsoft Hyper-V, WMware ESX, Microsoft Azure, Dell Software


04. Cloud Test Ground

Any test environment can be deployed in the cloud minimising your expenses and shortening timeframe for an IT solution testing and assessment against of your company specific needs.

Corporate IT system purchase means time-consuming and complicated selection and procurement procedures. The more complex and expensive the system is the more important it is to assess all its benefits and shortfalls and to make the right choice. To assess you have to deploy IT solution as a test bed or pilot project. The suppliers would often offer to carry out the pilot project free or for token money; the real-life cost of such a project for the customer can be quite high, as it requires allocation of equipment, software licenses, staff and premises for the project infrastructure. Cloud pilot project implementation and IT solution testing allows skipping the infrastructure provision phase and coming immediately to the solution features testing. Combi Security experts gained vast experience in many IT sectors, so we can choose the cloud site having optimum cost and availability, simulate your infrastructure components, deploy components of the solution to be tested, develop test scenarios and help you to carry out testing within the shortest timeframe and with minimum involvement of the project customer IT staff.

Solutions: Microsoft Hyper-V, WMware ESX, Microsoft Azure

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