Support of IT systems and networks

01. Data Backup/Restore and Archiving

Stable operation of any IT system depends on timely creation and reliable storage of operation data backup copies and historical data archives.

A duly designed and implemented data backup/restore and archiving system is an important robustness factor of any complex IT system. It prevents loss of sensitive business data due to natural or industrial disaster, equipment failure or human error. The system constantly protects your data from any surprises, so forget unplanned downtime of your business processes and loss of use damages. Archiving system will provide lean storage for historical data that are not needed for your day-to-day operation but required to be kept, e.g. e-mail or production, customer or warehouse logs.

Solutions: HP Data Protector, Symantec Backup Exec, Symantec NetBackup, IBM TSM


02. Application Access Optimisation

Data compression, caching, application load balancing and other technologies make online applications always available to users.

Your customers expect online applications offered to them to be always available, open easily and run fast and smoothly. They do not care about your problems with application or database server performance, low communication link throughput or network load imbalance. They will leave you for your competitor without second thought as soon as they face any of your difficulties. Your employees waste time and lose revenues when they cannot open software interface or wait while an application hangs up or runs slowly.

Application access optimisation solution ensures maximum performance, availability and speed of your software by advanced traffic control and management technologies, so that your customers remain satisfied and your employees efficient.

Solutions: Citrix NetScaler, Barracuda Load Balancer ADC, F5 BIG-IP solutions


03. Network Remote Access

With network remote access your employees will always be able to do their jobs regardless of location and without any risk of information leakage or unauthorised access.

Sometimes key employees require access to corporate data while not staying at their desks. During a business trip, at home outside working hours, on sick leave they can still be helpful and take part in the company business provided they have easy and secure remote access to internal resources. Having implemented network remote access technologies you can save on office space allowing some employees to work from home or to enjoy flexible office hours. This will also improve their loyalty. Remote access is instrumental in IT system continuity, so that in case of failure the staff responsible for recovery can start working without delay caused by travelling to the company office or data centre.

Solutions: Check Point Endpoint Remote Access VPN, Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Solution


04. Technology Platform Migration

Careful planning and testing should precede IT system migration from one technology platform to another to ensure minimum downtime and minimise eventILl damages for business.

The technology platform migration is an indispensable stage at every business development route. Technologies develop, business grows, requirements to applications performance, speed and user-friendliness become increasingly tougher. Sooner or later the need arises to transfer existing systems to more up-to-date, flexible and efficient platform. Migration ensures existing data transfer without affecting the business.  We automate migration process, prevent data loss, support user performance and keep familiar data structures at the migration phase.

We offer to carry our comprehensive, secure and smooth data migration for mail system, business processes, document flow from any obsolete platform that is not up to the company requirements any more to Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint products. The solution ensures services ownership cost optimisation due to reducing software vendor number, integration into Microsoft ecosystem and elimination of errors at platforms interface. It also lays the groundwork for further services development by ensuring scalability and supporting integration with many other solutions.

SolutionsDell Software (Quest Software)

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