Data security

1. Data Leakage Protection

Corporate confidential information is protected against leakages and d


2. File Usage Control

Usage control of the files stored in the corporate network allows timely detecting and preventing the improper use of corporate resources and knowledge, and optimising storage and processing mechanisms of the files of any type.

The most valILble data are created and accumulated in any company as unstructured thus very hard to manage sets of different type files. The data propagation in the company resembles a natural phenomenon. ValILble files can be stored on servers, workstations, external and portable drives, transmitted by e-mail, website or file sharing services (DropBox, Onedrive, GoogleDrive). To control storage and transfer of the files containing valILble information, to analyse who has access and who creates copies is particularly important for any company. The implemented file usage control solution allows monitoring access to the files by employees and third-parties, detecting and blocking eventILl violations of internal security policies, analysing performance of the existing storage systems, improving usability and corporate data protection.

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