Device Protection

01. Server, Workstation, Smartphone and Tablet Protection

Workstations and servers should be secured against viruses, unauthorised access, information leakage and theft.
A workstation protection system supports centralised management of software agents installed on all devices in the company and ensures detecting and preventing many information security threats: viruses, unauthorised access, intrusions, information security policy violations, improper use of computer resources. Each agent contains antivirus, firewall, host level attack prevention tools, application control system, user access control and monitoring system as the components. Server and workstation protection system is an indispensable part of every information security system, and due to support of all modern operating systems it allows creating a unified system for all kinds of devices, from high-end servers and mainframes to workstations, notebooks, tablets and smartphones.
Solutions: Symantec Endpoint Prevention, McAfee Endpoint Protection, Check Point Endpoint Security

02. Pluggable Device Control

Pluggable device control system protects the corporate network against intrusion through flash disks, prevents infection by viruses and confidential data leakage.
Portable data storage devices are now in mainstream. Flash disks, mobile phones, digital cameras, players can be used for copying, storing and distributing data that may turn to be of high business value. Its distribution through external pluggable devices can be restricted by installing a control system on each workstation and each notebook to inspect, which devices are connected by the user and allow or prevent their operation in accordance to company policy. Such a system can also check which files are brought outside by the users that are allowed to use external devices.
Solutions: Lumension Device Control, Mcafee Device Control, Check Point Media Encryption and Port Protection

03. Application Control

Corporate computers mostly offer users a limited set of applications, so the tool preventing access for any other applications can prevent a vast number of potential information security threats.
Most employees of a modern company have a limited set of job functions, and the list of software they use can be unambiguously ascertained. There is no need to run any alien programme. Preventing such programmes from start considerably restricts the capabilities of viruses and trojans infiltration to workstations. This protection mechanism is more reliable than the traditional antivirus and allows withdrawing expensive and computing resource-intensive antivirus software from use. Besides blocking the software unauthorised for specific user, the application control system monitors integrity of the software allowed to run on the respective computer, completely ruling out proliferation of any malware modifying executable files.
Solutions: Lumension Application Control , McAfee  Application Control

04. Change Control

Change control system immediately detects unauthorised changes of critical files and notifies the information security service on an attack, allowing them to prevent the malicious activity of both hackers infiltrating the network from outside and company employees.
The number of files created and distributed in an organisation network is immeasurable. The access to unstructured data stored as files is very hard to control. Despite the fact that the data stored in numerous files are highly critical, the companies often rely on not so robust OS-level access control and differentiation tools.
Solutions: Symantec Data Center Security, McAfee Change Control

05. Mobile Device Management

Centralised management and information security policies application (MDM) on mobile devices — communicators, phones, tablets — based on existing mobile operating systems secures mobile devices conformance to the company security policies.
The centralised mobile device management is relevant for mobile banking service providers and the companies whose employees can access sensitive corporate information not only from classic workstations but also from their mobile devices. It allows creating a secure workspace on user mobile devices, ensuring centralised security policy and device configuration management, mitigating data leakage and unauthorised access risks. We install and configure the software components ensuring security policies application to mobile devices, configuration management and security requirements conformance control at access to corporate resources (mail, collaboration, file storage systems). These components can be integrated with corporate user repositories in Active Directory and LDAP.
Solutions: VmWare Mobile Management, Mobileiron Enterprise Mobility Manager, Symantec Mobility Suite, Centrify Identity Service, Citrix XenMobile

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