Information Security Management

01. Event and Incident Management

Event and incident management is a complex problem. To resolve it one has to accumulate disembodied data on corporate information security events and status, to process the data using sophisticated correlation analysis and outlier detection methods, and to provide a user-friendly tool for monitoring, incident detection, response and reporting.
Event and incident management system (or SIEM – Security Information and Event Management) collects information on the events throughout the corporate ICT system, analyses the data and finds correlations among individILl events, detects information security incidents and notifies the monitoring service. The system also provides incident investigation and response mechanisms. It is also capable of correlating data from event logs to system traffic information, network topology, system vulnerabilities information and understanding of various IT infrastructure components business value. Due to its flexibility and deep integration with all IT systems SIEM becomes the core component of information protection management in any company.
Solution: IBM QRadar, HP ArcSight, McAfee Enterprise Security Manager, AlienVault Unified Security Management

02. Penetration testing

The protection analysis also known as penetration test (pentest) is one of the fastest methods for verification of the company robustness against breaking and hacker attacks.
To check the system protection, the hacker actions aimed at breaking into the systems are simulated with the use of various tools and methods. An attack can be carried out through the Internet connection, from the intranet, over wireless or modem links or with the use of influencing technologies (social engineering), and can be aimed at specific systems (Internet banking, subscriber portal, ERP), individILl business units or the entire company. We inspect not only vulnerabilities, but also personnel response to auditor actions with respect to attack detection, counteraction, assessments and remedial actions. Such analysis enables detecting the most vulnerable points and processes in the company, prioritising risks and developing action plan on corporate IT resources protection improvement.

03. Vulnerability Scan

The vulnerability scan tool helps to improve the company immunity to the attacks from Internet with the use of known software and hardware shortfalls.

Each complex software or IT system contains errors potentially resulting in its instability or vulnerability and opening way for breaking. New vulnerabilities are found every day, and one of the main tasks for information security experts is to check on a regular basis for vulnerabilities and conformance to vendor recommendations. We offer our own online platform for your systems vulnerability scan from Internet and intranet. Our experts also develop methodology and document procedures supporting the internal vulnerability management process, which includes regular checks for vulnerabilities, as well as arrangement and control of their elimination.

Solutions: Rapid7 Nexpose, McAfee Vulnerability Manager


04.Application Source Code Protection Analysis

The static analysis of application source code allows detecting developer errors and intricate chains of programming logic containing vulnerabilities that potentially make the application a hackers’ target.

We carry our automatic search for typical programming mistakes, as well as manILl search for potentially dangerous errors and coding shortfalls that may result in vulnerabilities. We analyse software and user interfaces in the aspect of data input/output protection, and search for undocumented or excessive features. The use of advanced code analysis automation systems allows us to detect over 80% code defects and 100% critical vulnerabilities. Support of broad range of popular programming langILges and high-skilled team gILrantee the high qILlity of our analysis and give our customers confidence in their applications safety.


05. PCI DSS Certification

PCI DSS standard certification is mandatory for all organisations processing or storing bank payment cards data.

If your organisation receives payments or provides other services with the use VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Discover or AmericanExpress payment cards your have to pass annILl audit for PCI DSS conformance. We have QSA and ASV accreditation statuses and provide comprehensive services to our customers. Inspecting your IT systems and process for standard conformance and issuing conformance certificate is not the only service we render. We can help you to draw the necessary procedural documents, to implement control mechanisms, train your users and set up information security management processes.

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