Network Protection

01. Firewalls

The network perimeter traffic control system blocking unauthorised access and external attacks is an integral part of any advanced information protection system.
Firewall is a classical protection tool widely used to protect network perimeter and filter data flow between the network segments that differ in trust level. Firewalls protect against unauthorised access and prevent attacks on the network by blocking access to network resources. Hundreds of firewall models exist in the market. It is difficult to choose the appropriate solution and integrate it to the corporate network infrastructure so the best way to do it is to involve professionals. Our experts have many years of experience in building high-load and high-performance network protection systems based on leading vendors technologies.

Solutions: Check Point Security Gateway, Cisco ASA, FortiNet FortiGate, WatchGILrd FireBox & XTM, HP TippingPoint


02. Intrusion Prevention

An Intrusion Prevention System detects signs of attack at the early stage of intruder operation and significantly reduces the company losses due to hacker and hacktivist activity.

Network intrusion detection and counteraction requires not only monitoring of the data transmitted over the network but also keeping pace with newly developing attach techniques and methods. Modern intrusion detection and prevention systems are sophisticated end-to-end solutions capable of traffic analysis on the basis of not only constantly updated attack signature (fingerprint) databases but also behaviour analysis. Artificial intelligence and computer training system allows significant reducing errors and maximising protection system implementation effect. It is only end-to-end and comprehensive approach that provides complete protection against zero-day attacks and advanced persistent threats.

Solutions: Check Point IPS Software Blade, Cisco FirePower, HP TippingPoint, McAfee Security Gateway, Palo Alto N


03. E-mail Protection

E-mail filtering and monitoring allows you to get rid of spam and viruses contained in e-mail messages, to reduce the probability of breaking into organisation network with the use of social engineering and other psychological fraud techniques.

E-mail as an interaction mechanism is the most popular but the most abused by the hackers. Currently over 90% of mail traffic contain persILsive advertising or viruses, trojans or exploits. Hence, filtering e-mail incoming to the company servers and monitoring outbound e-mails from employees’ accounts is an important task for any organisation. Implementation of an e-mail protection system reduces mail servers load, saves computer resources, improves personnel performance and protects the corporate network against external attacks, every third of which uses e-mail as channel.

Solutions: Symantec Messaging Gateway, Websense Email Security  Gateway, McAfee EmailGateway, Check Point Anti-spam Software Blade , Cisco Ironport ESA, FortiNet FortiMail


04. Internet Traffic Filtering

The website access control system prevents improper use of the corporate resources by the employees, protects against external attacks and data leakage.

Practically every organisation uses Internet. Finding industry news and reference information, interacting with customers, partners, associates, regulatory and controlling bodies gets to new level due to Internet penetration. However, uncontrolled Internet access by corporate staff deteriorates performance, impairs team efficiency, increases risks of non-compliance with information security requirements. Each company willing to protect itself and its employees against global net threats should implement an Internet traffic filtering system as a necessary measure. It serves as an important component of anti-virus protection, prevents attempts of improper resource use, allows detecting problematic and untrustworthy employees, reducing communication links and Internet access provision expenses.

Solutions: Blue Coat Web Gateway, Websense WebSecurity Gateway, McAfeeWebGateway, Check Point URL Filtering Software Blade, Cisco Ironport WSA, FortiNet FortiWeb


05. Network Access Control

To provide better control on computer environment, mitigate unauthorised access risk and prevent leakage, companies aim at limiting access to their networks to authorised devices only.

Network access control ensures terminal nodes protection standardisation by verification their conformance with the corporate security policy (antivirus installed and updated, OS updated, etc.), vulnerability assessment, user or system authentication on network logon, and automatic firewall rules setup. Implementation of access control system gILrantees that only duly inspected and protected devices can get access to corporate resources. Such a system is particularly valILble for companies using open office space or remote employees logging on from unprotected sites or from home.

Solutions: Cisco Identity Services Engine


06. VirtILl Environment Security

A virtILl computer network requires higher protection level than traditional network, as due to its flexibility, distributed nature and impossibility of physical control it is more exposed to information security threats.

In the virtILl environment additional tools are needed for monitoring, access rights differentiation, confidential data security, anti-malware protection. Specific features of the virtILl computer environments make their protection by traditional tools ineffective. Implementation of virtILl environment oriented security systems allows creating isolated security area under one hypervisor, filtering network traffic between virtILl machines, detecting and preventing attacks aimed at virtILl machines and hypervisor, finally, ensuring virtILl machine data encoding and complete protection against malware. VirtILlisation technologies (VMWare, HyperV, KVM, OpenStack) may require different protection tools, which calls for careful design, planning, implementation and testing of the protection system.

Solutions: SafeNet Authentication Manager/Service, Safenet ProtectV, CheckPoint Security Gateway VirtILl Edition, Symantec Data Center Security: Server, Symantec Control Compliance Suite VirtILlization Security Manager, McAfee Management for Optimized VirtILl Environments AntiVirus


07. Secure Wireless Networks

Wireless network protected against intrusions and ensuring critical organisation data safety provides personnel with reliable, fast and safe access to corporate data, supporting high business flexibility and staff mobility.
Wireless networks are vital when business is constantly changing, requires high personnel mobility or when building a wired network is prohibitively expensive. Current WiFi standards support the data exchange speeds not inferior to those of fixed computer networks. The use of sophisticated equipment by leading global vendors and best data protection practices at network design and deployment phases allows building networks as protected as the traditional ones, and in some aspects (e.g. spoofing protection) even superior to those. Also such networks can be deployed on the basis of not only WiFii but also 4G/LTE mobile communication standards.
Solutions: Cisco Aironet, Cisco Identity Services Engine, Cisco Meraki, HP Aruba

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