01. Application Monitoring

Application monitoring is the basis for the analysis of the business processes efficiency and your customers satisfaction.

Application monitoring system and supported business processes within and outside the corporate IT infrastructure ensure the early detection of problems in business processes and applications, monitor the level of service availability and its constituent components/applications/modules and identify bottlenecks that restrict availability and performance.

Application and processes monitoring allows to make decisions on amendments in the business processes, business applications, and monitor the effectiveness of the implementated changes timely. Integration with HelpDesk, CMDB and other subsystems is appropriate to perform monitoring tasks.

Products: Implementation of application performance monitoring system based on the platform: HP Software, Dell Software, Dynatrace


02. Network monitoring

Network monitoring is a necessary component of the system of measures designed to ensure the high availability of computer company network.

The ability to detect the occurrence of problems or adverse trends in any part of a distributed computing network in time is an important requirement of every large organization. The complexity of the corporate network, constantly changing data flows and load distribution on the network equipment are the factors that make prediction of the time and place of the next failure on the network impossible. Only an integrated and comprehensive monitoring of key parameters of network devices, analysis of their availability and performance, tracking bandwidth of communication channels and distribution of traffic types allow to identify operatively and eliminate problems and provide uninterrupted operation of corporate IT systems and a comfortable user experience.

Products: HP NNM, Cisco Prime


03. User activity monitoring

User activity monitoring on the workstations enables timely identification of unreliable employees working on the competitive companies or damaging the business.

If your company suffers difficulty on the market or high staff turnover is usILl, the sitILtion of improper behavior of employees towards employers is inevitable. User activity monitoring at the workplace allows to detect and prevent sabotage, work in favor of competitors, misuse of company resources and theft by employees in time. It allows you to track the programs and documents that users use and edit, websites they often open and to record keystrokes. User Monitoring system is an indispensable tool for the investigation and preparation of lawsuits against of employees whose actions have caused damage to the company.


04. Infrastructure monitoring

Monitoring of the components (services) that form the infrastructure on which basis business applications operate.

Tracking and reporting of failures, storage of their origin history, infrastructure planning capacity (liberated/necessary resources), automation of daily (regularly performed) tasks, detection of the bottlenecks in infrastructure components and their interaction are problems which are solved by providing an infrastructure monitoring.

This type of monitoring allows to monitor the processes occurring in a computer system and related facilities, such as infrastructure services (AD, DNS, DHCP, etc.), virtILlization, infrastructure, equipment (servers, storage systems, uninterruptible power supplies, network devices).

Products: Microsoft SCOM, Dell Foglight

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